Pure Biologic Aloe Gel enriched with Hyaluronic Acid.

Multi-effect Face, Body, Hair.

Gel d’Aloe Pure plus Acide Hyaluronique combines the ultra-hydrating strength of Hyaluronic Acid with the soothing, regenerating, protective properties of Aloe Vera. The result is a multi-active, all-purpose treatment suitable for all skin types, for the face, hands, body, and hair, and perfect for men, as well. Face: soothing, hydrating, protective action. Excellent as an aftershave. Hands: protective, emollient, shielding effect.

Body: hydrating, regenerating action. As an after-sun lotion, it lends an immediate sense of freshness.

After shaving, it soothes and refreshes.

Hair: applied prior to shampoo, it helps restore balance to the scalp. Combined with shampoo, it fosters hydration. As a styling-gel, it helps style your hair naturally, with an anti-frizz effect.




GS767 • 100 ml

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