Protective multi-hydrating cream.

Its light and silky texture has been formulated specifically for the needs of normal and combination skin types. Réveil activates a moisturizing non-stop process, thanks to the synergy of Hyaluronic Acid and N.M.F. (Natural Moisturizing Factors). Moreover its formula has been enriched with Argan Oil, Vitamin E, sunscreen and a very high percentage of Oat Aromatic Water, precious ingredients that help in waking up your skin. Triple action: face, neck, and décolletage.


RESULTS • The face lights up instantly. The skin progressively recovers tone and firmness immediate well-being for the skin, which recovers its proper levels of moisture.Day by day, the skin progressively becomes firmer, fresher and more radiant.


USE  Perfect for both morning and evening. Apply to the face, neck, and décolletage with a light massaging motion


INGREDIENTS • Hyaluronic Acid with lifting, plumping, and intensely moisturizing effects. Vitamin E, one of the most powerful, natural antioxidants.

Argan Oil that contains an unusually high concentration of Vitamin E (also called tocopherols) and carotenes (a form of Vitamin A), both of which are vital components that make up a healthy skin Oat Aromatic Water rich of protective and soothing properties.



GS107 • 50 ml

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